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Email Marketing Software Review

Why Email Marketing Software?

Email marketing software allows you to reach past and future customers on their phone or at their desktop. The purpose of this mass email software is to be relevant. These email newsletters should be designed to find loyalty with repeat customers and to offer deals to entice new customers. As a business owner, if your message is successful, you'll find out valuable information that will help you craft even better campaigns in the future.

This site combines the best offerings of email marketing software and services. We rated every selection and found iContact, Benchmark Email and Pinpointe to be the best email marketing software. To learn more about the features that the software offers, check out our articles on mass email software.

Email Marketing Software: What to Look For

The best email marketing software eliminates the need for a professional email-advertising firm. Even beginners with little design-sense should be able to drag and drop until their email blasts mirror the quality of the company they come from. We rated each program based on the following factors.

Contact Management
Before a single email is sent, you must first compile a list of clients and customers. We looked for programs that allow you to import and upload lists from similar services and XLS files. To target the right audience with a specific campaign, these services must have the ability to segment your audience by demographics and past consumer behavior.

Email Creation
Good email blast software makes it easy to create attention-grabbing email messages about your business. Tools for adding images and hyperlinks help you craft a visually appealing and interactive message. Your software should give you creative control over issues such as creating text-only or HTML messages. Finally, editing tools should make it easy to preview all of your work before sending it to your potential customers so you can ensure you are projecting the right message.

Sending & Reporting Features
One great advantage of email marketing is that it gives you information about your customers. You can learn how many people open your emails and how many unsubscribe, along with how many of your messages reach their intended recipients. The best email marketing software organizes all of that information into understandable charts and graphs.

Help & Support
Quality products of any kind come from companies that support their customers. Email marketing software is no different. You should be able to find answers to any questions you may have through detailed online information and contact options such as email, phone and live chat that connect you to a company representative.

Bulk email software reviews offer plenty of advice, but it's most important to choose a product that suits the specific needs of your business for a reasonable price. Check our reviews to find the product with the features you want. Since email is still one of the most effective ways to advance your message online, good email marketing software will help you grow your business in today's marketplace.